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"To become a leading Pharmacy and Pharmacist Education Program in 2024 to produce graduates of bachelor in pharmacy and pharmacists who are tafaquh fiddin, having a professional maturity, mastering science and technology in pharmacy and halal products based on Islamic values"


To organize a pharmacist education program in the context of Islamic da'wah for a quality and universal equality by implementing:

  1. National-standard learning aiming at achieving competence in development of halal pharmaceutical products and sharia-based pharmaceutical services as a mean to build a generation of khaira ummah;
  2. Research in pharmacy based on problem solving and community needs based on Islamic values, morals, and ethics and local wisdom;
  3. Community service in building Islamic civilization towards a prosperous society blessed by Allah SWT within the framework of rahmatan lil a'lamin;
  4. Development of ideas and activities through good governance dynamically in the context of Islamic da'wah.


  1. The implementation of a national standardized education of pharmacist education program based on Islamic values ​​by utilizing information and communication technology (ICT) in order to produce graduates with competencies (soft skills and hard skills) of sharia-based pharmacy services and halal product development;
  2. The implementation of researches based on local, national and international issues in the pharmacy sector based on Islamic values ​​for the reconstruction of knowledge, quality improvement of education and community service;
  3. The implementation of community service in order to build the independence of the national community in the health sector towards a prosperous society based on Islamic values ​​within the framework of rahmatan lil a'lamin; and
  1. The implementation of good governance through continuous quality improvement in a conducive and synergistic academic atmosphere to nurture intellectual behavior in the context of Islamic da'wah to perform the pillars of higher education.